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Casale Panayiotis is the fruit of one man’s vision to lovingly restore and revive the ancient monastic spa village of Kalopanayiotis for the enjoyment of all. Whether pilgrim, visitor or villager, guests of Casale Panayiotis are treated to an authentic experience of village life in total peace and tranquillity, immersed in the rich history of the area. From the bedrooms adorned with traditional Cypriot linens, to the Byzantino restaurant hung with photographs and paintings by local artists, to the handmade crockery in the Kafenio coffee shop and the homemade herbal teas and traditional Cypriot sweets from our farmhouse, Casale Panayiotis if proud to offer the very best of our village, Kalopanayiotis. Welcome to Casale Panayiotis Traditional Village Welcome to our home. Kopiaste!

Casale Panayiotis Traditional Village

Nicosia Address Details
Address: 80 Markou Drakou Street
Kalopanagiotis, Nicosia
Telephone: 22952444
Fax: 22952453